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Wonarah Bore
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Banka Banka to Newcastle Waters

Banka Banka station

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  • Left the bore. Oh so so windy! Packing up in the wind / dust storm was horrible. 
  • Last people to leave as usual. 
  • First stop was Barkly Homestead (photo with the camel) for fuel and some snacks.
  • Next stop was 3 Ways. Street lights! Civilisation! 
  • The pub at 3 Ways looks pretty good. 
  • Fueled up at 3 Ways then headed on up to Attack Creek for lunch. 
  • We were going to stay at the free Attack Creek - but it wasn't all that nice, right on the side of the road and not much room between parks. Along the way everyone had recommended we stay at Banka Banka station ($20) and that was only 30 mins up the road. So after a rest and lunch we trecked on up and arrived to a lovely little station with grass and water and all sorts of goodies. Great place. 
  • We were the 5th van there, but by the afternoon there were about 15. 
  • Short walk up a hill to a lookout over the area
  • APT tour bus arrived - they were all in tents - brr!! Tourists our age. Looked fun. 
  • They started the campfire around 5:30, we were the first to come over and we had it to ourselves for about 1.5 hours (a few people came over but I think they were scared off by our young-ness haha). 
  • Was about to head over to their campfire that night (separate one to the oldies area) but it went out and they all jumped into bed. How rude. Must have a super early start. 
  • Got talking with everyone who had come from the north, some great advice on places to see, things to do and where not to buy fuel.
  • Fire died off and we went back for a quick dinner (mmm from a can) before bed.  


Date: 19/08/2011 to 20/08/2011

Day Number: 28

Drove west to 3 ways then north to Banka Banka station today. Great place here. Good water! Friendly people. Hot showers!

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