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Banka Banka station
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Daly Waters

Banka Banka to Newcastle Waters

Panorama Image - Caravan blog

Panorama Image - Caravan blog

  • Lazy morning with a cuppa and a cooked brekky.
  • Showers all round before packing up, filling up our water tanks and giving the car a quick wash down (first since Lawn Hill - still dirty - eep!)
  • Uneventful drive north to Newcastle Waters. Re-fueled at Elliot and we finally got some bread!
  • Very tired!
  • Off in the distance caught a glimpse of what looked like a huge flat salt plane. Not sure.. 
  • Arrived at Newcastle Waters, contemplating driving through to Daly Waters but we would have arrived after 5pm - ouch.
  • Made lunch (yum salad wraps) and claimed out free spot then sat back and watched all the others arrive (there's about 20 vehicles here now)
  • Wacked up the antenna and we both did some work - got decent internet here which is good!
  • Bloody generators, but at least they're all off by 8 :) 
  • With our new solar controller we are getting amazing life our of the batteries. Charging laptops and phones and cameras and the inverter hasn't complained one bit.
  • Taking some photos outside for a second attempt star trails. It's on an automatic timer taking a shot every 16 seconds. click click click click click click ... soothing.. 
  • Best chicken curry and rice ever.
  • Heating up some Banka Banka water for a hot water bottle to keep us cosy tonight, sitting back for a movie on the laptop before hitting the hay.
  • nite! 


Date: 20/08/2011 to 21/08/2011

Day Number: 29

Late (and windy again!) start at Banka Banka on our way north to Newcastle Waters.

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