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Barcaldine - Top Tourist Park
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Longreach - free riverside stopover

Barcaldine - Free stopover at the Weir

Panorama Image - Caravan blog

Panorama Image - Caravan blog

  • Traveled the 15k south from town center to the weir (visited it yesterday for a picnic and to checkout the place).
  • Down the A2 highway and then a signed single lane road for aggges.
  • Setup quite easily.and spent most of the day working.
  • Lots of wildlife around here.
  • Toilets are great and running drinkable water.
  • Must stay here if you're around - get in early if you can because it fills up quick.
  • Amazing stars at night ! 
  • Got our bush shower going that night.
  • Met some people who have been staying there for a few weeks to a few months. Interesting folk.. one has a bunch of local kookaburra's who he feeds daily. 
  • Seems they do a happy hour at the little shack area every arvo - stay away from that area if you want peace and quiet :P 
  • A few generators going til about 9pm - a little annoying but meh - free night. 
  • Next morning did an early morning sunrise walk down along the river bank, taking some pics of the very skittish kangaroos - back for an egg in the hole and cuppa for bfast.
  • Did a bit more work - still in the mood from yesterday. 
  • Hayley started feeling a bit ill so we decided to move on from the area and make our way to longreach.
  • Cleaned the solar panels by standing on the spare tyre at the back and using a cloth wrapped around the end of a broom stick - they were super dirty! 
  • Super fast packup at 1:30pm - didn't get to have lunch 
  • Petrol light came on at 455km on the clock as we pulled out of the weir grounds - that's how far we can get on flat ground towing on a full tank (about 80L)
  • Sat at the petrol station for half hour waiting to get to the unleaded pump.
  • Saw baz walking down the street so we had a chat that whole time waiting. See ya later baz!
  • Finally filled up with 80L - bought some servo food for the road - that main "choice" servo looks like a good place for fast food if you're passing through.
  • Drive to Longreach was ... long... more in next post.


Date: 03/08/2011 to 04/08/2011

Day Number: 12

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