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Wonarah Bore

Camooweal - Billabong/Creek free stop

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Windy! oh so windy! 

Quite a nice free stop. Would have been amazing without the wind. LOTS of room to spread out.

  • Crazy morning driving and walking around Mt Isa to find someone to check our Air Con. Didn't find anyone in the end, oh well. Also picked up a new blow up pool that we can sit in when it gets hot :) and did another kmart run for some light long sleeve shirts for mozzie protection. Last bottle-o run for a while, almost walked out without paying cos we were chatting to the shop attendant so much. 
  • VERY happy to be leaving Mt Isa. Nice place for a stopover and re-supply (and a few cool activities like going into a mine) but I wouldn't stay there very long again. 
  • Drive from Mt Isa out to Camooweal was good. First long nothing-ness roads.
  • Passed a guy on a horse and cart travelling across the country. Epic! 
  • Saw a family in a bus with 9 kids, 2 dogs and 2 birds! HUGE BUS! amazing. Apparently travelling around the country the past 6 years. Most likely bump into them again.
  • Lots of telstra buildings on the side of the road, looking somewhat half complete. Some have solar panels, some have towers, some just have a building and the stand for solar panels. Possibly work for the NBN ?
  • Camooweal has a few service stations, a pub, a few caravan parks and a little shop. Sad to see the local butcher closed. Was looking forward to some of their home grown goodies.
  • Arrived in at camp around 4pm, later than we expected. Took a while to find the turnoff because our nav man was taking us the wrong way. No we can't drive across a river.
  • Take the exit west of the bridge onto a dirt road, don't take the first left, continue on the main dirt road and take the 3rd or 4th left. They all go along the creek. There's about 2km of creek so spread out! 
  • Off to Wanarah Bore next (220km)


Date: 17/08/2011 to 18/08/2011

Day Number: 26

Mt Isa to the free camp at Camooweal.

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