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Longreach - free riverside stopover
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Cloncurry towards Lawn Hill (free stop at Terry Smith Lookout)

Cloncurry - Wal's Camp

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Friday 5th August - Day 14: Longreach to Cloncurry - epic!

  • A really long drive in from Longreach. Numb legs and everything. Won't be doing that again. From here on only short trips, not driving through. 
  • Army convoys the entire way inland - that made our trip even longer.
  • Stopped at Winton for a meat pie and petrol. More army trucks. 
  • Skipped the touristy things in Winton - the waltzing matilda place in town looked interesting - we'll stop in next trip.
  • Stopped in at the crocodile dundee pub for a drink. Pub is the only thing in town. Kinda funny. Bought a new stubbie cooler.
  • Started to see more really big road trains with 4 carriages. Don't know how some of those stay on the road with the wind - caterpillaring all over the place.
  • Tagged in behind a group of 4x4'ers who were using UHF40 to let eachother know when it was safe to pass the slower army trucks. Turned out to be very useful listening in! 
  • Decided on the way in from Longreach that we'll attempt a trip up to Lawn Hill (pics look amazing and get to do some canoing up a few gorges)
  • Came into Cloncurry straight to the info centre. Nice day stopover, picnic area and a little shop. 
  • Asked about the road up to Lawn Hill and apparently our rig will make it no problems. Good news!
  • They didn't have the camps 6 book with pictures in it, only the non-pictured one. So we'll keep hunting for one. 
  • Info centre told us where the 3 camping grounds were, woolies, bakery and some info about a town "muster festival" street parade that night (car floats, animals, etc..) sounded fun! 
  • Also found the tyre replair place right across the road from the info centre, not really well sign posted just look for the place with lots of old tyres everywhere. Only one around for ages and the guys there are awesome.
  • Took in our tyre with broken valve from Longreach. He grabbed it and said "back in 5 mins". Sure enough he was back in 5 minutes and our valve was replaced. He didn't want any money for it, just said spend it in town on something :) 
  • We asked him about the other tyres on the van, he had a look and told us they were a bit old, and the other valves may fail, or the whole tyres may fail. He touched one of the tyre valves to see if it was damaged and the whole thing fell off and our tyre deflated. hahaha! Lucky we were there and not on the road. So in with the van and up on the jack. Replaced that valve as well and scheduled the other 4 van tyres in for tomorrow morning (it was closing time and they wanted to get to the show).
  • On the way out of the tyre place we checked out the two van parks in town, they looked really crowded so we headed to Wal's Camp (about 5k's out of town, nothing much around). It was $15 for the night, no power or water. But a hot shower and place to stay. The lady there didn't seem to put us in a very good position, plenty of room around but we ended up jammed up the back of someone else in a very difficult-to-exit location.  Oh well.
  • The van door lock rattled loose on the way in from longreach. Fixed it a few times along the way, lucky for the extra latch on the outside otherwise the door would have swung open. 
  • Tightened it up and went off to woolies for a shop. Great woolies - just like home. Air con! mmm. Picked up some goodies and carried them back to the car (silly us parked too far away). Everyone was out on the streets waiting for the parade to start.
  • Got back to the van with our shopping and the door wouldn't unlock. A spring rattled loose and when we tightened it before it tightened locked shut. Crap! Broke in and fixed it up good and proper. Lost 2 screws on the way, must have bounced out onto the road. Should be fun finding replacements. 
  • Shower and cooked up a nice stir fry. Feeling better now :)
  • Generator started up right next to us - fun times! Closed up the windows from the fumes and cranked a movie on the laptop to drown out the noise. Didn't last long lucky :) 
  • Laptop went flat just before movie finished - suspense!  


Date: 05/08/2011 to 06/08/2011

Day Number: 14

Stayed in Cloncurry after our long drive in from Longreach. We were going to stay at one of the free camps either side of Cloncurry but they were a little out of town for our liking. Trying to decided on a Lawn Hill detour. 

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  • Good little town with everything you need
  • I would recommend looking at the other caravan parks before Wals Camp, especially the one across from the info centre. Much closer to town.
  • Woolies shopping centre with adjoining petrol station - a bit cheaper than the BP in town with your discount voucher. Drive way is really steep - saw 2 vans scrape on the way out, luckily we didn't.
  • Plenty of van parking space in town.
  • Wals Camp Price: $15 unpowered (no powered sites) no water to the van.

Dumb thing we did today

A few dramas today!

  • Second busted valve on a tyre
  • Kept getting stuck behind army convoys
  • Left my towel in the shower
  • Broked caravan door lock
  • Locked ourselves outside the van trying to fix the door.
  • Locked Hayley inside the van trying to fix the door a second time (tools outside with me haha)
  • Parked too far away from woolies and had to carry heavy shopping a long way.
  • Booked into a caravan park with no power when we kinda needed it.
  • Van batteries got too low to run our inverter because we left the 12v fridge running while parked in the shade getting our tyres fixed. 
  • Fridge door doesn't shut properly so some stuff got warm.
  • Parked next to a van with a generator. 
  • Thought the bottleo was closed because I couldn't open the door. Walked away. Realised the following day you had to turn the handle. ha!

Travel Map from Previous Location

  • Distance: 530km
  • Time: 8 hours (inc. 1.5hr breaks)
  • Average Speed: 80km/h
  • Petrol at Winton: $?