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Cloncurry - Wal's Camp
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Gregory Downs - free stop

Cloncurry towards Lawn Hill (free stop at Terry Smith Lookout)

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Day 15: Leaving Cloncurry towards Lawn Hill

  • Dropped in at the tyre repair place at 9 to get the other 4 van valves replaced (had 2 done yesterday). Touched one of the right hand valves and it split and started leaking right infront of us. Jeez~!! 
  • Swapped the tyres around too - a new one and an old one on each side of the van (rather than keeping the two new ones as spares). 
  • More research on Savannah Way (first time researching it) decided against taking our rig that way :) haha. Maybe next time with a proper 4x4 setup .
  • Doing a loop out to Lawn Hill and then backtrack through Cloncurry then west.
  • Picked up the new camps 6 book at the BP in cloncurry. Lots more spots in it. 
  • Filled up at the woolies place, didn't scrape the van on the way out - yay! 
  • Quick bottleo and bakery stop before having a very casual drive 70km north out to Terry Smith lookout (free camp stopover). 
  • Arrived around 1pm and only 4 other people here (a different story now at 5pm with about 16 vehicles and more arriving).
  • Picked a nice spot in the middle, unfortunately the solar panels are under a tree. 
  • Got up on the roof and unscrewed one of them. Now it's out on the ground with an extension lead we found in the boot. Works great! Only putting out 12v at 6amps but that's enough to charge the batteries a bit and run our inverter for the laptop. 
  • Downwind from a group that just pulled up and have a few generators - hopefully the wind changes before they start them all up.
  • Wanted to have a fire but pulled out our firewood bag and only have two tiny little bits left haha. Maybe a small fire. 
  • It's going to be a great sunset out over the lookout.
  • Road train just went past and beeped his horn - scared the crap out of me. Big trains out this way.
  • Everyone has TV dishes and they're all trying to align them up - not sure what they are for quite yet - Pay TV maybe? Sport fans? I couldn't think of anything worse than watching tv right now (says me sitting on my laptop).
  • Running out of sun, have to keep moving the solar panel to get the sunny spot through the trees.
  • Will update more tomorrow. 


Date: 06/08/2011 to 07/08/2011

Day Number: 15

Left cloncurry then a casual drive 70km north to Terry Smith Lookout. Nice place for a free stopover. Maybe try to get in early down the back to avoid the louder later group arrivals :) Very minimal reception, great with an antenna though.

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