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Carnarvon WA

Coral Bay

We arrived in Coral Bay to much milder weather, less wind but the air temp is a bit cooler.

Two caravan parks in town (that's basically the whole town). Nice bay, great spot for kids.

We went on a glass bottom boat cruise on our last day just before leaving - last people on the boat - few glares - oh well haha. Would recommend doing this short tour when you first arrive so you can have a look at the coral before organising any snorkle tours. Remember the coral on the west coast is a brown hard coral, not like the soft colourful coral on the easy coast. Still lots of fishies. 

Head up along the beach to the baby shark breeding area, you can stand in the water and watch baby sharks come up to your feet.


Date: 16/10/2011 to 19/10/2011

Day Number: 86, 87 and 88

Coral Bay (busy!) school holidays are over but still packed to the brim. 

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