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Saturday 10th September 2011 - Day number 50

  • Packed up at Jabiru - they have a festival on tomorrow and things around here are getting a bit crazy busy - so it's time to leave 
  • Got our last slice of bread stuck in the toaster - grr. Got it out eventually but it was crumbs by then. 
  • The drive towards Darwin was nice - we didn't stop to see anything until getting to the jumping crocodile cruise at Adelaide River. 
  • Drove up to the "window on the wetlands" building - free entry and they have a self guided little display showing different animals and climates around the area. Motion sensing sound and light displays are interesting. Had planned to do the jumping croc cruise out from this place. 
  • Hungry and the cafe there didn't have a large selection of items - plus nobody there to sell us anything - so we backtracked to the "original" jumping crocodile cruise right on the highway. They had a bigger (pricey!) cafe - looked much more popular. 
  • Grabbed a snack and our tickets - boarded the cruise shortly afterwards. 
  • It was a full house up top of the boat - but just enough so everyone could hang over the side and watch the crocs jump.
  • Basically they feed the crocs pork on a string - the crocs jump out of the water to eat the pork - some are pretty lazy about it but some jump quite high and make an amazing crunching noise when they grab the food. 
  • Keep clear of the rope as it flings back up and covers you in croc slobber. 
  • Took some dorky tourist photos with the fake crocodiles.
  • Drove onto Darwin with the aim of checking out Robbie Robbins reserve - we heard it's cheaper to stay at and was in the area we were planning on staying in. 
  • Found a car wash on the way into Palmerston - woo! Haven't washed the car or van properly all trip. It chewed through quite a few coins but we eventually got the car and van washed and vacuumed - good as new! 
  • Took the wrong road out of Palmerston towards Robbie Robins reserve - but they all seem to join together and we ended up where we needed to be anyways. 
  • Oh look at this - Robbie Robbins reserve is attached to a prison - hmm... drove in and a big "closed" sign on Gate 3 - behind looked like a dust bowl. I think you have to be here early to meet the caretaker. Could see a few vans parked on the other side against the highway. Decided to give it a miss and head back to the nicer resort. 
  • Free Spirit is great. 3 Pools, lots of sites. Not very busy this time of year.
  • Parked next to the same van as ours (except theirs was single axle) first time we have seen a van on the road with the same Seka 505 written on it. They were nice! 
  • Three similar coromals next to eachother, all with pajero's - looks like the thing to do :)  
  • Stuffed after a long drive and setting up we ordered two pizzas and rolled back into the van to pass out.

Sunday 11th September 2011 - Day 51!

  • LOUD kids with even LOUDER parents next door. Learning quite a bit about what not to do as a parent. Must write all this down for later. haha
  • Shopping day today! Googled around for a big shopping center - couldn't find anything decent in Palmerston or Darwin, but there was one out in Casuarina that was apparently the biggest in NT. Sounds a bit like Pac Fair on the Gold Coast. 
  • Drove out to Casuarine Square - very easy to find and we got a park first go. 
  • Big shopping center - mmmm air conditioning. 
  • Did a Kmart and Bigw run while checking out all the small shops in between. Bought some scales to make sure Dave isn't putting on too much weight :P We tried about 10 different scales and they all weighed differently (like 10 kg's each way differently) so settled on one that measured Dave in at 69kg. 
  • Came back with a new shirt for our dinner cruise and some other little goodies.
  • Got some natural insect repellent - haven't used it yet but hopefully it works :)
  • From the shops we went to Mindle Markets to check out the stalls and buy some food before watching sunset over the bay.
  • Hayley got a gorgeous new dress. Dave got chinese food.
  • Sunset was amazing over the bay. Great reflections and then it just disappears instantly behind the land on the other side. Interesting! 
  • Don't expect to have the beach to yourself while the markets are on - absolutely packed. Get your spot early :) 
  • An $8 container of honey chicken/fried rice, fire twirling, live music and sunset. Great way to spend an afternoon. 
  • Got lost driving home - few uturns and we were on the right track again.

Monday 12th September 2011 - Day 52

  • Drove into Darwin to check it out. Only easy 20 drive from this caravan park. 
  • Parked behind the cinema - 3 hours free parking. They also have 2 hours free parking under the mitchell center shopping complex. Not much in that shopping complex except a coles, dick smith and pharmacy. 
  • Shopping in Darwin is best on the Smith St mall - reminded me of Brisbane. Lots of souvenir shops. 
  • Went to the movies after a quick coles run - only thing on was some movie about two guys swapping lives. Same as every other one I've seen - they envy the other persons life, get swapped by some magical power, then they miss their old life, get swapped back, and live happily ever after. Few funny bits though. 

Tuesday 13th September 2011 - Day 53

  • Early start - off to the chiropractor in Palmerston for a quick back adjustment from bad posture while driving. 
  • Dropped the car off at Phil Kerr in Darwin for a service - just an oil change and general check over. This place was recommended on exploreoz and it's walking distance to the cinemas and wharf. 
  • Walked down smith st to Wharf One for lunch. We were recommend the "Wharf" for lunch but didn't realise there were restaurants further out past Wharf One until afterwards. Around the left hand side where the cruises leave from - will have to check that out for lunch again another day if we're still around.
  • Lunch was so-so. Chicken parmy didn't really score but the burger was amazing. We ate at some irish looking place near the wave pool.
  • Wave pool looks fun - quite cheap entry too - hopefully get to head down there before leaving darwin. 
  • Picked up the car after seeing Horrible Bosses at the movies. Looked like they put that film together in a week. haha. Still worth seeing had some funny bits. 
  • Dinner was leftover stew toasted sammiches - surprisingly nice!

Wednesday 14th September 2011 - Day 54

  • Dinner sunset cruise on the Alfred Nobel - four course meal win ! Highly recommend!
  • Tell them your on a honeymoon or some other special occasion to get a better seat - we got the table right at the front - but I would probable recommend the table second from the front - a bit bigger (room to sit side by side)
  • Food was amazing.

Thursday 15th September 2011 - Day 55

  • Work day~! 

Friday 16th September 2011 - Day 56


Saturday 17th September 2011 - Day 57

  • packed up and headed to litchfield...


Date: 10/09/2011 to 17/09/2011

Day Number: 50 to 56

Drove from Jabiru through to Darwin - stayed at Free Spirit our near Palmerston. 

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  • Palmerston is good - I would recommend staying near here to others. 
  • Right on main road 10 mins from shops, 20 mins from Darwin. 
  • Huge caravan park - 3 pools, restaurant, BP petrol station and nice slab powered sites. 

Dumb thing we did today

  • Dave got his head stuck in the little fake crocodile trying to take a photo - sharp teeth on this one!

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