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Edith Falls

Panorama Image - Caravan blog

Panorama Image - Caravan blog

Panorama Image - Caravan blog

Panorama Image - Caravan blog

Panorama Image - Caravan blog

Saturday 27th - Day 36

  • so the washing didn't dry but we had to leave to make it to Katherine and through to Edith Falls
  • Hung all the washing up in the van, looked so funny. Dried in about 3 minutes - it was an oven in there!
  • Came into Katherine and did a woolies and a fuel run. Dave got some protein powder because he thinks he is getting too skinny. lol 
  • Wanted to get the Air Con looked at but it was a Saturday and everyone was closed.
  • Got out of Katherine rather quickly, headed north to Edith Falls. 
  • Drive was good and a bit tiring. Hot in the car with minimal air con working. 
  • Edith Falls - great spot. Love it more than Katherine Gorge. 
  • Parked the van along with 6 others and did the short 150m walk down to the swimming hole. Ranger fella was really nice! Hasn't seen a fresh water croc in ages and with the sheer cliff and waterfall up to the top swimming hole I doubt any can get there. 
  • Sunscreened up and left for our walk up to top swimming hole around 2pm. Bad idea! So hot! But we took it slow and had heaps of water (unlike others we passed).
  • Top swimming hole was amazing. Recommend the walk. But definitely don't take the right walking path - so hard climbing over rocks - the left path is shorter and graded and a million times easier to walk up. 
  • Great refreshing swim up top - few other people there.
  • Dave got a scare when some bubbles popped up behind him haha.
  • Fair bit of water coming over the top falls which was nice. Took some piccies. 
  • Sunbaked a bit and then decided to walk back, got back down just as the sun was setting. 
  • Ranger fella was packing up for the day so just told us to pick our own camp spot and he'll sort us out in the morning. 

Sunday 28th - Day 27

  • Tried to spend the morning outside the van, but too many flies. 
  • Picnic lunch down by the lake
  • Lots of swimming 
  • Paddled across to the waterfall. That was a swim and a half. 
  • Quite a few tour buses rocked up today, all for a swim.
  • One contiki girl opened up her knee on a rock in the water that had a sign saying 'no climbing' on it.. but she climbed it.
  • Did a bit of work. Loving the spray bottle to keep cool.
  • Were going to swap camp sites because under the water tower you can hear the automatic pump come on all day / night. 
  • Met a couple of backpackers from Europe, been traveling/working around here for a month. Good folk, they came round after dinner and we had a good old chat.
  • Leftovers for dinner (yum!).
  • Dave had a bit too much to drink - 

Monday 29th - Day 28

  • Heading off to Pine Creek via backtracking to Katherine to get the aircon fixed. 


Date: 27/08/2011 to 29/08/2011

Day Number: 36 and 37

Short drive from Katherine to northern Nitmiluk National Park, stayed at Edith Falls camp ground. 

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