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Duaringa - Our second free stopover

Eidsvold/Ceratodus - First free overnight

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Saturday 30th - Day 8 - Leaving the Sunshine Coast on our mission to reach Kakadu.

  • Wired up the caravan with our reversing camera (that we got shipped to us the day before) - powered it via the parking lights on the back of the caravan. It's attached to our little screen on the dash, so when we turn the parkers on, the camera gets power and we can see what is behind us. Really handy for the drive, can see much more than just mirrors.
  • Showers overnight and a light sprinkle in the morning - lucky everything dried by the time we had to pack up. Left camp site (sunshine coast) at 9:30am after checking out.
  • Took a wrong turn south (silly us) and ended up making a u-turn at Aussie World.
  • Wide bay highway was interesting, not a single other car and we were down to 1 lane with dirt on either side for a little bit. Kinda freaked us out and we thought we were going the wrong way, but kept on charging on and put our trust in the map. Turned out all good! And the road turned out to be awesome.
  • We discovered other caravan drivers wave to you (we were so excited!!) so we started waving back to every one we saw. Too fun - trying to pick the type of wave the next rig would do.
  • Lunch at KFC (bad us) took up 5 car parks - Dave smashed his head on a light in KFC - continuing his very humorous effort of smashing his head on everything he can find. Tough tattoo fellas in KFC cracked up - made their day.  
  • Took a wrong turn out of KFC - did our first 3 point turn (in only 3 points!) in the caravan. Awesome.
  • Started to see a change in the landscape and type of bush surrounding the road. Getting more relaxed now :)
  • Arrived at Eidsvold around 3pm, looking for the free camp listed in our old Camps 4 book which is 7km west of town (Tolderodden Rest Area) - no longer free, it's $5 per person government e-permit. So on our mission to stay somewhere free we backtracked and continued on 10km past Edsvold to the Ceratodus Rest Area
  • Popped up the roof - rear view camera cable got caught and pulled out, lol. oh well easily fixed. Won't do that again.
  • Good loo's, 8 other vans, surprisingly quiet road, allowed fires, few dogs, great sunset through the orchards(?). 
  • Met a lovely couple (Wendy & Douglas) and talked about the internet and places we're going / visited.
  • Forgot to chock the van wheels (newb mistake) so during the night it moved and bumped up against the car slightly (had having a few beers we thought it was quite funny at the time). Won't be doing that again either.
  • Bangers and mash for dinner, watched a show on the laptop and had an early night.
  • Cold night, first one without out little electric oil heater. Made do with a couple of water bottles.
  • Quite a clear view of the milky way at night - amazing - and it's only going to get better the further in we go.
  • Crazy noises coming from the trees at night ! Didn't sound like koalas, possibly baby owls.
  • Van parked on a slight angle, our manual water pump doesn't work too well at this angle.
  • No phone or internet connection, but with our booster antenna we did get workable internet and were able to send/receive sms messages :)


Date: 30/07/2011 to 31/07/2011

Day Number: 8

Left beautiful Sunshine Coast and traveled ~350km to our first free overnight stop at Ceratodus.

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  • Ceratodus free stopover - 10km north of Eidsvold
  • Basic toilets with running tank water
  • Fire pits dotted about the place
  • Pets allowed
  • Room for 10 vans comfortably spaced
  • Apparently fills up quite quickly in popular months.
  • Most shops closed early Saturday in Eisdvold

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  • Distance: 350km
  • Time: 5hrs 30mins
  • Average Speed: 63km/h
  • Roads: quite good - not many steep points - few sections of bumpy road / single lane. All good