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Gregory Downs - creek side camp
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Mt Isa - Copper Park

Fountain Springs - free roadside stop

Panorama Image - Caravan blog

Panorama Image - Caravan blog

Camping out on the side of the road at the free rest stop coming into Mt Isa.

It's Friday, Mt Isa rodeo is this weekend. It's going to be absolutely packed in there so we're trying to avoid the areas (and everything is booked out).

Might go out for a drive to fountain springs, apparently a nice picnic area about 30k's away. 

  • had a rattle in our exhaust from Gregory Downs - annoying - turned out it was a rock in the exhaust - however that got there. rattle fixed! 
  • filled up at gregory downs pub - pricey 
  • long drive (and expensive - our most expensive day yet)
  • gregory downs to cloncurry (woolies, fuel, grog) then all the way through to Fountain Springs.
  • the drive from cloncurry to fountain springs was amazing - one of my fav so far. 
  • stayed a few days in fountain springs to avoid the big rodeo in Mt Isa - apparently everything was booked out 
  • got a good spot at the back. 
  • caught up on work and unwound a little - first relax in a while. 
  • crazy cows making all sorts of noises that night
  • cold at night! freezing!
  • took some photos out on the road at night of the oncoming road trains - looked cool 
  • scary fella in a van turned out to be really nice. 


Date: 12/08/2011 to 15/08/2011

Day Number: 21, 22 and 23

Camping out on the side of the road at the free rest stop about 70k's out of Mt Isa.

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  • Free stop on side of highway. 
  • Fills up heaps! 
  • Few people were there for a few days
  • Fires allowed
  • Basic toilets 

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