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Cloncurry towards Lawn Hill (free stop at Terry Smith Lookout)
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Lawn Hill - lovely! Adels Grove

Gregory Downs - free stop

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Sunday 7th August 2011 - Day 16

  • Did a time lapse of the sun rising while we sat out the front. Someone came and started chatting to us and was a little weirded out with the camera going click automatically every 10 seconds. 
  • Rather uneventful drive 
  • Big emergency runway on the highway was interesting.
  • Creek was amazing to swim in. 
  • Pub was scary, their power was out. Everyone stared at you sideways
  • Setup up top of gregory downs with a couple of other people (but they all left shortly after)
  • Rode around to explore the area, discovered the creek camp, oh that's where everyone went!
  • Packed up a picnic and headed down for a few hours. Water was so fast! Chairs and a beer in the water was amazing.
  • Did lots of washing up the top, filled up our water from the creek (like the big water truck does a few times a day). 


Date: 07/08/2011 to 08/08/2011

Day Number: 16

Gregory Downs free camp. Nice! Great flowing creek nearby - great swim! No reception at all - not even with booster antenna

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  • Upper and lower Gregory Downs
  • Public toilets and showers a 5 minute walk away
  • Little pub / petrol station. 
  • Recommend the upper area if you want privacy, and just walk down to the creek during the day.
  • Recommend the creek if you clean up after yourself and don't wash dishers in the water. 

Dumb thing we did today

  • Parked and setup without exploring the area (where are all the vans?) oh that's right, there all setup in the awesome area, and we're in the dusty area with no water.

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