Please feel free to browse through our blog entries below. These contain stories and photos from our adventures in a caravan around Australia. We update these every week, so check back soon for more!

Apollo Bay

10/11/2011 to 11/11/2011

Day number 111

Beaut apollo bay on the great ocean road. Did the 12 apostles and other various touristy stuff along the way.

Peterborough/Great Ocean Road

9/11/2011 to 10/11/2011

Day number 110

Drive was good. Storms were better. Great scenery. 


8/11/2011 to 9/11/2011

Day number 109

Drove through Adelaide (wow! traffic!) and onto Coonalpyn

Port Augusta

6/11/2011 to 8/11/2011

Day number 107 and 108

Port Augusta - the mountain range - wow! 


4/11/2011 to 6/11/2011

Day number 105 and 106

Great cliffs - Nullarbor is interesting. Not as windy or barren from the main highway as we thought though.


3/11/2011 to 4/11/2011

Day number 104

Got to Norseman and decided to head east rather than north.


2/11/2011 to 3/11/2011

Day number 103

Caught up with sammy the seal in Esperance


1/11/2011 to 2/11/2011

Day number 102

From Denmark to Albany - hunted down some gizmos for the van, coffee with family then on our way Esperance. Big day!


30/10/2011 to 1/11/2011

Day number 100 and 101

Drove through Pemberton for the tree climb and a ride on the rickety tram - then onto lovely Denmark

Margret River

29/10/2011 to 30/10/2011

Day number 99

From Perth to Margret River - stopping at various places along the way. No pics sorry!


25/10/2011 to 29/10/2011

Day number 95, 96, 97 and 98

Stayed in Perth at Coogee Beach and caught up with some friends/family. 

Kalbarri to Gabbadah

24/10/2011 to 25/10/2011

Day number 94

Free stop to a free stop. Huge day! Our first night time drive (and in the rain).

Monkey Mia to Kalbarri

23/10/2011 to 24/10/2011

Day number 93

Stopped into the stromatolites on the way out of Monkey Mia then headed north to a free river stop.

Monkey Mia

21/10/2011 to 23/10/2011

Day number 91 and 92

Monkey Mia dolphin resort

Carnarvon Blowholes

20/10/2011 to 21/10/2011

Day number 90

Drive from Carnarvon to the blowholes then back south to a free stop.

Carnarvon WA

19/10/2011 to 20/10/2011

Day number 89

Overnight stop in Carnarvon - stayed at the Big 4 after doing some shopping.

Coral Bay

16/10/2011 to 19/10/2011

Day number 86, 87 and 88

Coral Bay (busy!) school holidays are over but still packed to the brim. 


09/10/2011 to 16/10/2011

Day number 79, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84 and 85

Nice scenery, cold, windy, lots of animals.

Karratha, Dampier, Port Samson, Miaree Pool

08/10/2011 to 09/10/2011

Day number 78

Just passing through some towns today

Port Headland

07/10/2011 to 08/10/2011

Day number 77

In a word, disappointing.

80 Mile Beach

06/10/2011 to 07/10/2011

Day number 76

One night stop over at a caravan park on the beach.


29/09/2011 to 06/10/2011

Day number 69 to 75

Yes the ocean! Loved Broome our favourite place on the trip!

Kimberley Entrance Caravan Park - Derby WA

27/09/2011 to 29/09/2011

Day number 67 and 68

Kimberley Entrance caravan park in Derby was great. The other one was tiny, this one is huge.

Mary Pool - Kimberley WA

26/09/2011 to 27/09/2011

Day number 66

Drive from Kununurra to Mary River

Kununurra Hidden Valley & Bungle Bungles

22/09/2011 to 26/09/2011

Day number 62, 63, 64 and 65

Stayed at Hidden Valley caravan park - great little possy. Good walk up into the mini bungle bungles. Drove out with the tent to El Questro on the gibb river road for one night.

Kununurra - The Kimberley Grande

21/09/2011 to 22/09/2011

Day number 61

Luxury break at Kimberley Grande

Pine Creek - Katherine - Kununurra

19/09/2011 to 21/09/2011

Day number 59 and 60

Drove through from Pine Creek to Kununurra

Litchfield - Wangi Falls

17/09/2011 to 19/09/2011

Day number 57 and 58

Darwin - Free Spirit

10/09/2011 to 17/09/2011

Day number 50 to 56

Drove from Jabiru through to Darwin - stayed at Free Spirit our near Palmerston. 

Kakadu - Jabiru

06/09/2011 to 10/09/2011

Day number 46, 47, 48 and 49

Stayed in Jabiru. Only two caravan parks to choose from. Stay at the resort on the way in :) TODO

Kakadu - Yellow Water

04/09/2011 to 06/09/2011

Day number 44 and 45

Yellow Water resort / caravan park. Plus the cruise. Nice place! 

Kakadu - Gunlom Falls

03/09/2011 to 04/09/2011

Day number 43

Drove half way in on the dirt road to Gunlom falls and dropped the van off. Continued onto the falls in the 4x4 and spent the afternoon there.

Pine Creek - Lazy Lizard

30/08/2011 to 03/09/2011

Day number 39, 40, 41, 42

Lazy Lizard

Pine Creek - Pussy Cat Flats

29/08/2011 to 30/08/2011

Day number 38

From Edith Falls backtrack to Katherine then up to Pussy Cat Flats near Pine Creek

Edith Falls

27/08/2011 to 29/08/2011

Day number 36 and 37

Short drive from Katherine to northern Nitmiluk National Park, stayed at Edith Falls camp ground. 

Katherine & Nitmiluk National Park

25/08/2011 to 27/08/2011

Day number 34 and 35

Katherine and Katherine Gorge (Nitmiluk National Park).Stayed 1 night at river view big 4, another night up in the national park.

Mataranka - Bitter Springs

23/08/2011 to 25/08/2011

Day number 32 and 33

Mataranka. Lovely! Stayed near Bitter Springs. Highly recommended.

Daly Waters

21/08/2011 to 23/08/2011

Day number 30 and 31

Daly Waters. Happy hour and dinner at the famous Pub. Checked out the airport.

Banka Banka to Newcastle Waters

20/08/2011 to 21/08/2011

Day number 29

Late (and windy again!) start at Banka Banka on our way north to Newcastle Waters.

Banka Banka station

19/08/2011 to 20/08/2011

Day number 28

Drove west to 3 ways then north to Banka Banka station today. Great place here. Good water! Friendly people. Hot showers!

Wonarah Bore

18/08/2011 to 19/08/2011

Day number 27

First night in NT. Oh so windy! Cool pictures and video of stars. Great sunset!

Camooweal - Billabong/Creek free stop

17/08/2011 to 18/08/2011

Day number 26

Mt Isa to the free camp at Camooweal.

Mt Isa - Copper Park

15/08/2011 to 17/08/2011

Day number 24 and 25

Copper Park in Mt Isa. Nice park out of town. Lots of permanents but all ok.Finally power and water! 

Fountain Springs - free roadside stop

12/08/2011 to 15/08/2011

Day number 21, 22 and 23

Camping out on the side of the road at the free rest stop about 70k's out of Mt Isa.

Gregory Downs - creek side camp

10/08/2011 to 12/08/2011

Day number 19 and 20

Great stopover by the creek. Quite busy though - recommend staying up top (nobody around) and coming down for a swim/picnic during the day.

Lawn Hill - lovely! Adels Grove

08/08/2011 to 10/08/2011

Day number 17 and 18

Staying at the Adels Grove camp ground. Just outside the Lawn Hill national park.

Gregory Downs - free stop

07/08/2011 to 08/08/2011

Day number 16

Gregory Downs free camp. Nice! Great flowing creek nearby - great swim! No reception at all - not even with booster antenna

Cloncurry towards Lawn Hill (free stop at Terry Smith Lookout)

06/08/2011 to 07/08/2011

Day number 15

Left cloncurry then a casual drive 70km north to Terry Smith Lookout. Nice place for a free stopover. Maybe try to get in early down the back to avoid the louder later group arrivals :) Very minimal reception, great with an antenna though.

Cloncurry - Wal's Camp

05/08/2011 to 06/08/2011

Day number 14

Stayed in Cloncurry after our long drive in from Longreach. We were going to stay at one of the free camps either side of Cloncurry but they were a little out of town for our liking. Trying to decided on a Lawn Hill detour. 

Longreach - free riverside stopover

04/08/2011 to 05/08/2011

Day number 13

Barcaldine - Free stopover at the Weir

03/08/2011 to 04/08/2011

Day number 12

Barcaldine - Top Tourist Park

01/08/2011 to 03/08/2011

Day number 10 and 11

Two commercial camps and the showgrounds in town ($26/night), one main petrol station, IGA, butcher, baker, 5 pubs and a bottleo. Couple of free spots nearby too. Great stay, 6hr blackout second night. 

Duaringa - Our second free stopover

31/07/2011 to 01/08/2011

Day number 9

Free stopover on the A4 on the way inland from Rocky to Emerald. Great spot, lots of others around. Plenty of places to setup.

Eidsvold/Ceratodus - First free overnight

30/07/2011 to 31/07/2011

Day number 8

Left beautiful Sunshine Coast and traveled ~350km to our first free overnight stop at Ceratodus.

Sunshine Coast - Mooloolaba Beach Esplanade Caravan Park

26/07/2011 to 30/07/2011

Day number 4, 5, 6 and 7

Beach front caravan park in the middle of Mooloolaba. Great spot! Book in advance. Check-in at their other park 1km south before going beach front.

The big trip begins - Glass House Mountains

23/07/2011 to 25/07/2011

Day number 1, 2 and 3

The big day has finally come, we're leaving for our around Australia trip! First stop: Glass House Mountains.

Pre-trip planning & test run


We are now less than 2 weeks from our leave date and the time has come for the all important test run. This was the first time we towed our van and the first big run for our new 4x4. Our chosen destination is the Mt Warning Caravan Park in NSW, we've stayed there before in tents so we are familiar with the area.

Custom built plywood boot storage


Custom built boot storage out of plywood. More pics coming soon.