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Kakadu - Yellow Water

Kakadu - Gunlom Falls

Panorama Image - Caravan blog

Panorama Image - Caravan blog

Panorama Image - Caravan blog

Panorama Image - Caravan blog

  • Unhooked the van at a roadside stop and took everything out of it ready to tent it at gunlom falls - until another couple came along and said they wished they had taken the van out and the road really wasn't as bad as they thought it would be.
  • Visited ranger station and they told us not to take the van out. Probably should have listened as it was a little bumpy, but no worse than Lawn Hill. 
  • Camped half way along the road to gunlom falls, drove out to the falls and spent the arvo there. 
  • $10 to stay there, in a drop box with a smart self-receipt system.
  • 3 guys in a beat up car camped next to us - quite loud with their big fire and drinking (especially when the two americans nearby joined in and started whinging about everything). They kept everyone up until midnight, when they finished off with a batch of fireworks. How frustrating. It's ok - they camped outside and a crow started pecking at them in the morning and taking off with their food. Plus we got up before sunrise and I was purposefully loud to wake them up over and over again. Mean? nah 
  • off to yellow water next! 


Date: 03/09/2011 to 04/09/2011

Day Number: 43

Drove half way in on the dirt road to Gunlom falls and dropped the van off. Continued onto the falls in the 4x4 and spent the afternoon there.

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