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Port Headland
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Karratha, Dampier, Port Samson, Miaree Pool

Just passing through some towns today. Had lunch at a great taven in Port Samson, a sleep in the car park and continued onto Dampier to visit the Red Dog statue. Saw so many mine cars and busses full of miners, so many people!

Stayed at a free stop on the side of the hwy at Miaree Pool. We met up with one of Davids Uncles who's working in the area. Lots of cars were driving past at sunset heading over the hill. About 6pm loud rave music started and yahooing, it went all night and was still going at sunrise!!! Never seen anything like it, 100km from anywhere a random rave party in the bush, weird!


Date: 08/10/2011 to 09/10/2011

Day Number: 78

Just passing through some towns today

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