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Barcaldine - Free stopover at the Weir
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Longreach - free riverside stopover

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  • A few hairy road trains on the narrow road from Barcaldine. 
  • Set our camera chargers going in the van while we had full solar panels on the drive.
  • Forgot to lock the fridge door - lucky it didn't come open ! 
  • Our GPS got confused and took us 1km further down the highway so we missed the campground turnoff and had to turn back. If you see all the "no camping" signs then you know your in the right spot - just keep driving down the paved road until you see 50 other vans on the side of the road. 
  • Hard ground here - all cracked dirt.
  • No running water and the loo's are not all that crash hot. 
  • Just drive through and park anywhere. Have a listen for generators - seems half the group has generators and the other half (down our end) don't. Super fumey and loud down the other end (closest to the loos)! yuk! 
  • Setup our van then unhooked and Dave drove into town for a milk and icecream run. Hayley stayed with the van. 
  • Dramas! haha. After Dave left one of the van tyres just exploded - people came out checking theirs and Hayley thought the hissing was a loose gas valve or something. Turned out ours ruptured half way along the tyre valve part - no damage to the tread or anything. Funny how it happened while just sitting there (picture on right).
  • Lots of people came over to offer assistance and have a geeze. Then the "oh this happened to me" stories started to come out. 
  • Hayley then saw our water tank cap was missing - haha - Daves fault - didn't lockproperly in barcaldine. Rigged up a temporary alfoil and rag replacement until we can buy a new one. 
  • Dave came back and changed the tyre - no issues there (except the stained t-shirt). First tyre change! Lucky it happened here and not on the side of the road. 
  • Sat out with a beer and icecream watching the sunset. Lovely. 
  • Time for dinner! pics to come later.


Date: 04/08/2011 to 05/08/2011

Day Number: 13

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