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Katherine & Nitmiluk National Park

Mataranka - Bitter Springs

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We were recommended Bitter Springs in Mataranka. Much nicer swimming spot compared to the concrete jungle down at Mataranka. 

500m walk from the park to the springs (closes you can get). Looks like it floods a bit through here. Lots of wildlife! Fish and turtles in the springs. Amazing.

We tried to take video and photos but they came out blurry! Rude! Working on fixing our underwater camera so it takes clearer photos.

Highly recommend Bitter Springs at midday. Go for a walk to Mataranka but I wouldn't bother swimming.

Went down to the "we of the never never" cemetery and old house. Will be getting the book and movie now that we've read a bit about it. Interesting! 

Barra feeding just down the road from Bitter Springs was pretty cool. Learnt a bit about those fishies. Had lunch at the barra feeding, might head back for scones and cream on our way out.

More stories to come !


Date: 23/08/2011 to 25/08/2011

Day Number: 32 and 33

Mataranka. Lovely! Stayed near Bitter Springs. Highly recommended.

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