Our first... Date Location Picture 
Swimming Snake 1/09/2011 Pine Creek Gorge - on the short walk out to the Gorge (with very little flowing water) we came across this beauty on the path. On the way back to the car we had the camera out and kept an eye out for him. Sure enough he was still on the path, we got a few pictures before he swam across the creek and ran up the other side.  snake-crop1 snake-crop2 
Flat tyre 4/8/2011

Longreach - parked and unhooked the van. Just sitting there and the tyre valve stem blew. In the next 3 days we had 2 more explode. One went while we were looking at it discussing when to get the others replaced. haha.

Got all 6 on the van tyres replaced in Cloncurry

"Touristy thing" 26/08/2011 Helicopter flight over the Katherine Gorge  
Scary encounter 30/08/2011 Drunk at Pussy Cat Flats  
Free camp spot 30/07/2011 Eidsvold/Ceratodus   
Friend on the road 22/08/2011 Met a traveling family of 11 from the Gold Coast. 11 ! Great group of people heading the same direction as us.  
Pub Meal   Cant remember just now...  
Road kill   none yet! (except a few backpackers)  
Place we fell in love with   Gregory Downs creek side camp  
Place we hated   Cloncurry   
Ant Invasion 8/9/2011 Jabiru - they sniffed out a hole in our crunchy nut cereal - millions of ants on every surface of our van!